Friday, July 13, 2007


We just got back from our annual trip to the Balloon Fest. We were cheapos this year, opting to drive by the balloons and not pay the $10.00 per car load fee. We decided it had more to do with me being on call at the hospital than anything else. We ate ice cream at Culvers and then walked around the Shoppes at Grand Prairie for a while, something we never do, so it was very fun.

We bought some school supplies today too, Elaine picked up "Happy Bunny", Amelia got a kittie notebook with a new pink pencil case and some markers. For Emily I chose Princess of course. We are needing 3 ring binders for all of our "state studies" for this upcoming school year. I did not know which one to pick for Anna, so we will get her school supplies and notebooks on a future Walmart trip. Anna and Emily have been at Summer Camp at Washington park all week, so that is why they were not with us when we did the shopping.