Saturday, September 22, 2007

Enjoy Life

Since Norma's death, we have just been trying so hard to "enjoy life". The weather turned so nice and cool last week, so we decided to scrap the school books, and take a week's worth of field trips:

Monday we went to Tanners'

Tuesday we went to Forest Park Nature Center. I forgot the camera in the car, which it turned out to be the funniest thing, since we saw the MOST animals EVER at the park. We saw
One Woodchuck
Mommy and Baby Deer
38 Wild Turkeys
Chipmunks, Amelia wanted to pick one up.
Mulitiple Squirrels as usual
We even heard an owl during the day time, boy was it neat! We were really wishing someone went with us to enjoy it all! We tried to take pictures on my camera phone to send to daddy, but it just would not turn out. It was just a fun and rewarding day, being out in the middle of the forest and witnessing all of God's creatures. The weather was amazing too. It was a big day for us too, it was the first time we went there without a STROLLER YAY!! Freedom from pushing the bus!

Thursday we went out to the land and had a 'campout' which amounted to us putting up the tent, driving back to granny and papa's to use their bathroom, leaving my camera on their dining room table, and cooking marshmallows with the fire that did not want to start. We saw a bunch of deer too, so it was a good night.

Friday's field trip amounted to going to the mall to get some much needed Mommy and Elaine fall tops, we left without finding anything!! Bummer

Saturday the girls went with Regular Grandma all day to the Stark County drive and hit the fall festival, multiple garage sales, then back to her house to help take care of the chickens and dogs. They had so much fun! Daddy went out to practice target shootin (almost turkey season!!) so we had a relaxing night after they got home. I have been trying to get organized for the upcoming craft shows (click the link to my website for the dates) and also keeping up the craft booth in Washington. People love those fixins!! I cannot keep them in stock!

This week was back to the "Traditional" bookwork as we call it. Monday was rough starting back in. The kids kept wondering where we were going?? Too funny!! Because we were not going anywhere!!

Oh, Anna told Grandma that she wants to go to public school, but only to play. If she only knew!!

Hope and pray everyone is safe and healthy.
Prim Blessings,