Tuesday, October 23, 2007

School n Craft Show n Meeting Week

WOW what a week, I still cannot believe we are able to fit everything in!!

The meeting this week has been simply AMAZING, if you can, check out Andy's sermons on our church's website: http://www.parisavenuechurchofchrist.org/ and click on sermon audio. There are really some life lessons that can be cultivated from his teachings on The Pursuit of Happiness.

School has been going good, in spite of the added stress. School time today was just a bit LOUDER. Every time we walked into the kitchen today we found the cat on the counter looking out the window, so after yelling at her a few times, we then found our neighbor's dog in our yard nosing through some trash that I had just set out. ( which explains why the cat was on the counter looking out of the window, she was trying to tell us that someone else was on her turf ) The only way of getting that dog out of the yard was to bang together some old metal cookie sheets. It is hard to settle down after that much racket, and the girls were pretty wound up. We solved that problem by what I call 'conquer and divide'. We conquer the school work by dividing up the kids, example:

I put up a card table in the other room and Emily did her work alone. Well not quit alone. Scraps had to help to school too.

Continuing with the craft work, I was up bright and early to work on some more goodies. Here are some photos of the progress made so far:

I worked mostly today on pricing and packing. Elaine and I painted 5 signs too. She is really excited because she gets to keep the money if the signs sell. She said that now her college could be paid for! I told her that if the signs sell, that would pay for 1/2 tank of gas to get to college and that was it!! Too cute!!