Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I guess we skipped the month of February...

Boy it sure seems like it. Now Easter is just a few days away, and I feel great knowing that spring is just around the corner. This is what we have been up to:

Since it has snowed so much in Feb, we really have not been out of the house much. I was sick most of the month too, so we did not make it to zoo class, but we did play at Rainbow Play Place one afternoon, the girls really loved it.

We have been going to the Library one night a week and we have been reading ALOT. I finished two books recently: A New Earth, and Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big? Both books that I saw on Oprah. ( I said I have not been out much ) Now I am not really a fan of Oprah, but there is nothing else on at 4:00 each day :)

Wes read his way thru multiple books on the old west, WW2 and some mystery books.

We really have been hitting the school books hard, and we are definitely winding down the school year. I feel like this has been the best school year thus far...
School has just become second nature around here, and the morning routine has become just that: routine. No more fights over math...YAY...as we finally conquered mulitplication and division. We did major reviews in money, telling time, fractions, geometry, graphs and charting...and the girls loved this stuff; it was a piece of cake for them...The harder math has been a stuggle for a long time. We just focused our efforts on m & d, and started out the day, EVERY DAY, with math, since December...now I feel pretty good that they know this stuff and we can finally move on to other math...

Elaine has finished her Language book for the year, and Anna outgrew hers. Some of the curriculum was not very challenging, so I bumped Anna up to the next grade level in Language, and Elaine just flew through hers. Elaine writes and journals and draws so much, and it is just so natural to her, that her workbook has turned into "busy work" rather than challenging work for her. I decided today that I am going to shop for curriculum for next year that is a bit more challenging in this area for both E and A. Emily is doing 1st grade work too, and just flies through her papers. I cannot decide what grade she should be in!

We decided that we will not be going to the Homeschool Convention this year, as we went last year...so I am doing shopping for curriculum online.

Speaking of online curriculum, we have been members of a great school/homework website for 2 months now.


It has all kinds of goodies that just add to the work we already do. It has Art, Music, Geography, Science and the girls love it. Since we now have 3 computers (2 desktops and one lap top) we can get alot of work done all at the same time. ( meaning the girls can work and I can ebay ) Amelia even plays on the computer every day. Her favorite sites are My Little Pony and Playhouse Disney (bunnytown) It is so cute!! She really navigates everything really well. The generation gap is really starting to show, as I have to have the kids help me with the computer when I don't know how to navigate it sometimes.

Well that is enough of an update for a while. Hopefully I will have time again this month to fill in more. I will post an Easter pic soon.