Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break??????

Well, no in fact. No spring break here. The weather is too crummy!! It has been cold and rainy. I am glad too, because we had an amazing school week last week.

The final reviews and tests have been so good!! Telling time, money, and multiple A+++++'s on our spelling tests! We are about done with ALOT of our books. I told Elaine that at the good pace we are going, we will be done in May for sure!!

We did a week long study of Volcanoes and Tigers too.

The extra table time gave me a chance to finally work on some new craft goodies too. I restocked both booths and changed over to spring, and cleaned out the Easter stuff. We had a pretty good month, even with Easter coming early, and I have a few things left for next year.

I have my mom looking for goodies for me already this year (maybe this is a year-round thing) Her and Dennis went to an auction in Galva last week and they bought me these cool chairs: THEY ARE OAK and boy are they heavy!!

As you can see, Scraps has to check them out and make sure they are ok after I brought them into the house: