Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take me out to a Ball Game...

We were lucky enough to enjoy another Motorola sponsored Peoria Chiefs ballgame last weekend. We went last year too, but it was really hot and I was sick... This year the weather was PERFECT!!!

We get to sit in a Box Seat area, they treat us to a full dinner, sodas, ice cream, and for the first time we got even better treats.... They gave us 125.00 (in Chiefs Bucks) to spend in the Ball Park's Souvenier store. The kids were thrilled!!

The big girls each got a baseball (to have the team sign) and the little girls each got a stuffed animal and a bouncy ball. Mom and Dad even got a treat, one T-shirt each. We had an extra ticket so we invited Maria to go along too, she blends right in doesn't she??!!