Monday, August 25, 2008


Yay, back to school. I was SO READY for the scheduled life again. We were not going to start until Aug. 20th, but ended up starting a few days early. (Wes says I do that every year...) Well, it was really hot, and the pool closed and the kids were just bored!! We finished up the back to school shopping, we bought some new textbooks, workbooks, notebooks etc...I even let the kids each get a new bookbag. I know we don't use a bookbag every day, but we always take books to read and notebooks with us in the car everytime we drive...and this way they won't be on the floor getting stepped on.

The girls are really doing well in Math....and it is not a struggle for us anymore (thank goodness) so we are dedicating this year to excelling in Math, more History and also more Science. We are also starting a 'Cooking Class' for the big girls. Our new class is really just letting them follow a recipe and cook it all by themselves from start to finish. So far so good!! Elaine has even created a recipe by herself. Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies. Anna has made sugar cookies with sprinkles, and was so proud of her finished product!! We have very good little cooks here!!

Emily is working on phonics, spelling and math. She did 20 pages in her telling time book in one day. I just let her work until she decided she had finished enough work. It was pretty cute!! Amelia gets in her school box everyday and colors her cute little horse and Dora coloring books. School has just become second nature to her. Gone are the days were she had to be entertained with a dvd!! Now the TV is not on until Dad gets home, and we are watching PBS!!!



Here is Elaine in Cooking Class!!
Her brownies were gone in about 3 hours :)

Here is Anna taking notes for her report on animals that live in China.