Sunday, November 2, 2008

Emily now 7!!

Here she is: Our ~7~ Year old!!
Here are some pics through the years. We were not completely digital until 2005, so before then the pictures are not in order:

This is her patented Ariel Pose:

This is how long her hair was last year right before cutting it and donating it to Locks of Love:

With Hannah:

At the beach:

Too cute!!!

Xmas 2006

her Halloween Candy Haul:

At a horse farm on a school field trip:


I loved this dress on her!!

Emily LOVES pregnant bellies!!

Another field trip to a sheep farm:

Another Halloween BIrthday!
This was taken in the Tin Type place at Silver Dollar City:

Cooking again!
What was so funny??

Posing with mums:
Our first time at Rainforest Cafe. She was afraid of the thunder and fell off her chair 3 times.
In Chicago, at a conference for mommy....I loved this full length mirror.

In Chicago, my hair was pretty fluffy!!

At Great Grandma-Mothers, reading her Bible:

With Bart

And Devon, this is the year we went on Vacation with the Randleman's To Branson:

Picking Flowers for Mothers' Day

Mandi's Wedding. Her dancing stole the show!

A new baby sister!! Summer 2004

Fell asleep on the floor of my bedroom:

Right before Amelia was born:

So cute!!

Sean took this photo at a cookout Summer 2004

Little Baby Emily....Elaine's buddy

With Daddy

Gotta love that nummy numms!!

Picture me (asleep) under the christmas tree!

With Grandma-Mother

Elaine's new baby October 2001

This is my favorite picture of Granny n Pop with the babies:

Cute Little Shoulder!!

Right before she was born. I was baking that day...see the flour on my belly?? LOL