Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
We had a great year with great food. We have a tradition each year that the girls make HAND print TURKEY name/place cards for the plates. We also give everyone an INDIAN NAME and make Indian hats with feathers off the back.

Here is Pocohontas with my pies: Pecan and Pumpkin...yum... Check out the recipe blog for the best NO FAIL pie crust ever.

Granny carved the turkey, in her Indian hat...Her Indian name was~GREAT GIVER~ since she made the food.

Anna was Little Hummingbird this year.

Amelia was Unicorn Princess....fitting for her...

Papa was CHIEF Zigamazabo T. Jones....HOW

I snuck this picture of Great Grandma...She would not wear a hat...

Papa broke out the guitar and sang some Christmas songs, along with our favorites: Ghost Rider in the Sky

Here is our walk, no deer to be seen.

Amelia really enjoyed being carried on our walk...

Happy Turkey Day!!