Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it Too Early for Spring Cleaning??

I get "the bug" every January. I don't make resolutions anymore, but I do like to start out the new year in an organized house. I feel bad for our poor Garbage man, we have been piling up the trash for him for weeks now. Since Christmas we have been organizing and throwing away ALOT of junk. (and a few trips to Goodwill too)

Since we are busy with school, we only clean certain areas of the house twice a year...August and January. We organized the School Pantry and the school boxes
(it took two days!!) It is nice to look back at our old school books and see how much work we actually accomplished. When we clean old books out, we have to buy new books too...Emily was desperate for some new books, and Anna needed a couple too.

We went to Barnes and Noble and got some review Math and Phonics for Emily, and new Language and Spelling for Anna. We are MOST excited about the new math program...(WARNING--YOU WILL HEAR ME TALK ABOUT HOW GREAT THIS MATH IS FROM NOW ON...) I do not like Math, never have, never will...and I have gotten better with Math since we have been homeschooling. I finally hit a wall with trying to teach Math that I either don't remember how to work, or Math that I have never done!!

Our new Math is taught step by step by a kind of Math tutor online. It is VERY simple to use and it explains EVERYTHING step by step. The best part of all is that the girls can do it all by themselves!! It keeps scores online for homework and tests. I can't wait until Emily is old enough to start it too. Someone reminded me the other day that Amelia will be starting school this fall....YIKES...I had not let that enter my mind yet. She does plenty of what we call "Horsey School" each day,(coloring, puzzles, reading, playdough, writing her name) I am just not ready to start her on EVERYTHING full time yet...

Here is the website for our Math. They have examples you can try too.