Friday, January 9, 2009


We survived our first wholesale show. It was quite an experience (and I don't mean selling). The ride up to Wisconsin made us a bit nervous. Our tarps kept flying off of our boxes, and we were packed full! I was so afraid rabbits and candles were going to fly off our trailer and be scattered all over the road. We had to pull over 4 times to re-tie and fix the tarps. We even stopped at a Walmart in Peru to buy more straps. I had no idea those things would come off!!

We made it up there just in time to attend worship services at a hotel in Madison. They were a very small congregation, and were thrilled to have visitors. They are very close to the Florida college camp and told us that alot of families worship with them on the camp weekends. It will be nice to see some familiar faces when we go back up to Madison again.

The show setup went pretty smooth. It was VERY cold and Wes did all of the unloading. Our booth space was HUGE, about 10 x 25 and it took almost 3 hours to set up completely. I only had a few things up when people started buying. That was nice...but I wish they could have seen everything. We pretty much paid for our trip with the first night's sales. (what a relief!!)

After working so hard, we were starving, and left for dinner. We ate at an adorable FAMOUS DAVES in the downtown/college part of town. I don't think I have ever eaten so much there!! We then went to Walmart (we always visit out of town Walmarts) and headed off to our hotel. The hotel was very nice, all suites, and it was connected to the Alliant Energy Center (where the show was being held) So early the next morning, we packed up and walked over to the venue.

There was a few HUNDRED people waiting to get in at 8:00, most pulling carts, boxes with wheels or even garbage cans behind them. It was so fun to watch what people bought. It was by far the best selling show for us, but we did not even come close to selling all of what we had. (which is in one way good, because then I have a ton of goodies for the booth and ebay) We met some really nice people and really want to try to come back at the next sale. I have 4 months to prepare!!

Here is our sign above the booth. Only handmade goodies were allowed to have the flag on their sign. They have alot of booths that sell imports from China.
Here is my new LOOONG Black Rabbits. I love them:
Here I am, hard at work!! (My hair is big and poofy, but it calms down throughout the day) My big dolls were popular. I sold both Rabbits and Uncle Sams:

We had quite a few empty boxes, so the drive home was not as stressful (since we were not using the tarps). We picked up the girls from Granny and Papa's and were thrilled to get home with them!!