Monday, February 2, 2009


When the Green Girls shop, they know how to do it right!!

Elaine was wanting to spend a gift card at Bergners, so we ventured out last week on both the coldest and windiest day of the week. We love the 'new' mall at Grand is closer to our house than Northwoods...but we don't love walking in the freezing wind to get to all of the stores.

To our surprise, we found RACKS of clothes on clearance. PLUS an additional 60% OFF!!!

We gathered up armloads of shirts (both for Elaine and Mommy) and rode the escalator upstairs. Now we have ridden the escalator hundreds of times, but poor Amelia was afraid of it and cried :(

Anna to the rescue. That wonderful big sister brought 4 quarters of her own money to spend in the GIANT gumball machine in the kids department. Rosie actually got the color gumball she wanted (pink) and all was well.

They have AMAZING spring dresses....much to expensive to buy, but fun to try on and model them in the mirror. This keeps the little two entertained while Elaine is trying on her stack of clothes.

Elaine decided on 2 nice shirts from the LADIES DEPARTMENT---if you can believe that, and I got 2 shirts too. We purchased them all for under 18.00!!! Bargain!!

We also found 3 new pairs of Ladies Boots...clearance priced as well. We did great and saved Dad a bundle of money :)

~~Then came the next great shopping surprise~~ We walked down to JUSTICE and found more racks of clothes on clearance PLUS we had an additional 30% off coupon!! Elaine found a great black and white long top with vest for $6.99 I could hardly believe our luck!! Elaine got just what she needed, we had a ton of fun, and we hardly spent any money :)