Saturday, April 11, 2009


The rehearsal and dinner went very smoothly. The kids were great, and spent their time coloring and drinking sodas. Max only fell of the chairs one time!! LOL The littlest kids played duck duck goose near the end...

Esmeralda's parents and sister with Mary
Her sis and dad.
Bill being funny...or maybe ~~nervous~~???
The Wyatt family practicing...

The moms:

Keith Julie and the kiddos...each one behaved themselves :)
Bill Grant and Eli (Esme's brother) He translated the wedding into Spanish.

The 2nd run through:

CJ and Anna:

Tessa and Emily....after the seperation surgery...
YUM the food was AMAZING!!! BEST FOOD EVER!!!!!

After everyone ate a bit of appetizers and salad...we all felt like visiting. We all managed to switch tables for the 5 other courses and dessert. This was by far the classiest rehearsal we have ever been a part of!!!! Thanks guys!!!