Monday, November 9, 2009


We had a blast at the Chris Cringle Craft Show this year!! It is our biggest retail show that we attend. Set up was a breeze, thanks to my hubbie's new wagon. We can fit at least 9 boxes of our goodies on top, and simply pull the wagon behind us up the ramp. It made the setup so much easier!!
Here I am putting the final touches on the booth Friday.
You can see all of the bigger and new items placed
along the bottoms of the tables. The big Santa doll sold too!

Being silly:

Wes and I work so well together!!! He carries in all of the boxes, tables, quilts,
and helps me organize all of the goodies!

Here I am ready for Day 2!!

This is our latest design.

I made the snowman from old kid's clothes from Salvation Army.

I placed him in a rusty old wagon, added a mini tree, lights, a flag, a Winter Thyme banner, and some 'snow'. I really loved how he turned out!! We made 3 different gatherings and sold them all!! We plan to bring more next year!!

Can't wait until next year!!