Wednesday, August 22, 2007

School Thyme

We have been chugging along with school now for two weeks. It is going much better than expected. Emily is just a little math whiz, and she is blowing me away with how good she is doing...thank goodness for homeschool, otherwise she would just be starting Kindergarten at public school and be bored to tears! She is doing subtraction already. YAY.

Elaine is working on alot more subjects this year. She now has daily journaling, vocabulary with her spelling words, and a new American History book with review questions. Math is going better this year too, with the help of a new math book for mulitplication. Spelling is still her favorite subject. She still gets almost every word right on each Spelling test.

Anna has the cutest language and sentence book. She plugs away with that everyday, and does really well. Her favorite is the math and phonics, it is hard to tear her away from those. She is slightly bored with the History curriculum thus far, so she would rather read a library book rather than the text book. That is fine too, and once again, the joy and freedom we have with homeschooling. That is why I love it so much. The girls LOVE to learn, and I want to keep it that way!

Amelia is doing 'horsey school' and has to sit and color or draw while the rest of the girls are working hard. I bought a few horse coloring books for her, so she loves school too! I am so glad that she is not fussing for a movie like last year. When she is not coloring she is busy playing with the cat. They keep each other entertained while we are busy! So cute.

Of course the cat has to be involved too. She likes to sit on Elaine's lap, and even put her paws on Elaine's papers. We have started calling her School Kitty.

Our computer crashed last week, so we are working on the laptop now. I cannot load photos yet, but I do have some to add at a later date.