Sunday, October 21, 2007

Continuing with our week

Our anniversary this year was fun! (Oct 9th) We had a "family date" and took the girls with us to Alexanders' YUM. They were so cute and loved going out "on a date" with us. We then went to Barnes and Noble and got some school goodies.

I ended up working 3 extra days at Proctor too that week, hopefully to finish up my time there. I officially quit on Sept 24th, but they called me back and wanted me to stay on.

Friday the 12th we had a birthday party/cookout at the Randleman's, complete with big bonfire. It was really cold that night, so the fire felt so good!

Sat the 13th, it was Spoon River Drive again. Elaine opted to go help Grandma take care of Matthew while Carrie and Scott were out of town, so I took the other 3 girls by myself. Wes had cleaning day at the church building to prepare for the meeting. The girls and I went to Knoxville, took a horsie hay ride and stopped by too many yard sales to count. Here are some photos from that day: