Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Latest Busy Week

On to the week of the 15th...let's see how much we can possibly cram in...

Monday: My mom's birthday, our usual trip to the booth to stock it for the week. I also made a new winter/holiday chair to take there too. Then off to the meat shop to buy Wes' roast for his birthday. Wes was off all week too, to hunt and work around the house.

Tuesday: dinner out for my mom's birthday, made two scarecrows for the front yard.

Wed: Made 2 pies, homemade mashed pot, gravy, rolls, homemade bread in my new breadmaker (YAY) (anniversary present) and the roast.

Thursday: Groceries for Emily's Party, clean the house.

Friday: Made all of the food for Emily's party: 2 big pots of homemade potato soup, mummy dogs, jello, cheese log 'hand', decorated the house with spider webs.

Saturday: Emily's Big 6 Year Old birthday bash! Complete with costumes that changed every 5 minutes on the kids...They have had their costumes picked out for weeks, then when we bring out the costume box, they all change their mind, happens every year!! Too funny.

In the last week we also:

*made a casserole for Tabitha (who had just had a baby at church
*sewed for Jessica's baby shower
*attended the fall fest at the Grant's house, where Elaine won the Pie Baking Contest with a Paula Deen recipe for Caramel Apple Pie:

We also did school every day except Friday and managed to continued working on our craft show goodies. I think it is time for bed now....