Thursday, October 4, 2007

Emily's Lost Tooth!

Emily lost her first tooth while we were in Galena! We were just waiting for it to fall out and it makes such a great story. Emily and Anna were staying with Regular Grandma and she took them to Mcdonalds for lunch. As they sat down to eat, Emily's tooth just popped right out! She was SOOOOO excited! They found an old medicine bottle to keep it in, and grandma gave her a dollar. They also got to visit the dollar store and goodwill where Anna purchased PURPLE ROLLERBLADES for 4 bucks. She has been wanting some for a long time, so this really made her day!! She is so proud of them, and even wore them home in the car.

The girls also got to visit the animal hospital, as Grandma's doggie "Katie" got a big owie on her shoulder and they had to bring her in the house, give her a bath and drive her to the hospital for stitches. She is recovering well and spent a couple of nights in the house in their dog kennel.

I think it was a stressful couple of days for Grandma, but the girls just loved it!!

Here is a photo of Emily with her new smile: