Friday, October 5, 2007


Let me wipe my mouth as I type here.

This is it!!

What we have been waiting for!!

One whole year has gone by and it is time again!!

This is my favorite day of the whole year!! Better than my birthday (although anything would top this year) better than Christmas!! It is spoon river drive YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.

One whole day of antiquing, junking, eating, driving, enjoying the beautiful fall weather. I can't wait!

Jonna and I have the whole truck to ourselves this year, since Jessica's mom is in town, we have to take two cars. Not that we plan on loading it up to the top, but you never know!!

I have been going on Spoon River Drive ever since I was 10 years old. This weekend really takes me back to that time with my Grandma who got me started with the whole flea market, antique loving, looking for bargain adventures. We used to have SO much fun together. So enjoying this weekend is alot more than just shopping. It is reliving all of that time that I had with my Grandma, and then sharing it with my girls.

The first Saturday of the drive is dedicated to the girlfriends...and the business.

The second weekend is for my girls and my family. We have gone with Stephanie the past few years. She has to work this year though, so it will just be me and the girls, but we will still have fun!!

Here is a photo of London Mills. I will be there at 6:45 tomorrow morning, running for the junk guy's tent.