Thursday, November 29, 2007

Craft Show Central

Boy is our house full!! We have been working OVERTIME getting ready for the RICHWOODS craft show this weekend.

I have had so many people asking us how we can do it all??

We have been totally on top of the schedule this year! I refused to let anything get in our way of a clean house, clean kids and nice stuff to sell. The only compromise has been dinner...we are calling it sandwich week (which Wes and Elaine love) I missed cooking so much, that I broke down and cooked eggs today for breakfast for the kids today. I love to cook, and I am ready to get back to my normal meal preparation!!!


Getting ready for our biggest show of the year has been super busy of course,esp with school, but here is how we manage to fit it all in: It is pretty easy to stitch or sew while the girls are at the table with me. Luckily the noise from the sewing maching does not bother them.

Here is Anna doing her book report at the dining room table, or what used to be the dining room table. It has been turned into the sewing/craft table for the time being.

Elaine took her states and capitals to the family room carpet today since the table was filled:

Emily has been working in the kitchen too, she sits on the floor while I drill wick holes for my apple candles, or sits on the floor next to me while I paint and that way I can help her with her phonics book.

I think they learn alot of patience too, watching me run our business from home, all the while helping them. There are multiple times that I have to leave the table to run to the stove when the goodies (snowmen or stars) inside are finished drying, or it is time to pour another batch of soap or candles. There have also been a number of times that I am working on large orders of candles or soaps, covered in wax and cinnamon and reading a spelling test at the same time!!! Thank goodness we don't have any photos of that :)

Well let's hope and pray for some WINTER BLESSINGS on Saturday. I guess if we don't sell everything, then our house will look SUPER for Christmas!!! I made some awesome stuff this year, and I never keep any of it for me!!