Sunday, December 2, 2007

December 1st Again!!!

What is with this weekend?? Last year we got 2 feet of snow, this year we get sleet, freezing rain and come home from the craft show to no electricity in the house. Well I guess that is better than our truck not starting and needing $700 in repairs like 2 years ago!!! ~~CRAZY~~

Yes, the weather kept the crowd down at our craft show, but we were still pleased with our sales. We did not break any sales records. I guess Moss Ave is still the one to beat!! This upcoming June (2008) we are planning to be in Branson for a week, so we will be missing out on that one though...

I got an offer from the gal who is in charge of Farmington West for Spoon River Drive. I have to say it is tempting!! I would love to try at least ONE weekend, just to give it a go. I have shopped at it for so long, and would have to be able to sneak out for a very short time to hit my favorite dealers. Now I just have to talk Wes into it.....Everyone whom I talk to says that that, without a doubt, is the biggest show ever. I want to see if it would top the ebay sales!!! That, for us, is the best seller by far. The shows are fun to do, I think, but just don't compare to sitting at home in my Jammies, all while making 82.00 in the last 5 minutes, while I have been typing this (a big soap order for a gal in Florida). Pretty cool!! Sure beats driving to the hospital in rush hour traffic to do patient at 4:30!!! BTW, I OFFICIALLY quit my job at Proctor a couple of weeks ago. I think I only missed it for about 5 minutes!!

Here are some photos of the booth!

Our booth space was HUGE, did I really make all that stuff?? Hee hee

Here are my elves in the background. Thanks again for helping guys!!

Judy--who sold her Granny Blankies and Papa's Walking Sticks

Jessica--who sold her stitcheries and pillows (I got one of each for me :)

and Jill--who sold handmade stuff she purchased at Richwoods in previous years--I ended up buying her chair for my porch, it was just too pretty to send home with her!!

Thanks again ladies!!