Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Unschooling at it's best!

How lucky are 4 little girls who get to spend a day with their granny and papa baking cookies, drawing, playing dress up and making christmas cards? These are the kind of memories I want our girls to have of school, not stuck behind some desk repeating some mindless information back to a stranger that they will forget in 5 minutes.

Wes said last night that they are learing so much from watching me work. What am I teaching them? How to cook and bake and clean and run a household. How to pay bills on time. How to manage and keep to budget for groceries and clothes. How to take care of a pet. How to run a succesful business out of our home. How to do laundry without ruining the clothes!! ( something that took daddy 13 years to master ) hee hee These are the things that these girls will HAVE to know how to do in their lives!! Sure they will also have to know how to add and multiply and how to structure a sentence to it is legible, and we DO take our bookwork very seriously!! We just cannot be so serious about it that we neglect how to actually "TRAIN" our children what is good and right, especially in the Lord.

Tuesday night is our "special" family night set aside for Bible instruction, led by the leader in our family: Daddy. It is his place and it is seperate and apart from the seatwork/bookwork of our normal homeschooling day. I try to incorporate God into our school day with prayer and thanksgiving by reminding the girls of his creation, ( thru Science class ) His blessings ( thru meals, health and the ability and money to provide for our needs ) and other examples like these.

I now hear ELVIS drifting down the stairs, which tells me the Bible lesson is done....Blue Christmas, as sung by my dear hubbie :)

I love him :)

We were blessed with some beautiful snow tonight, just perfect, as I was decorating the outside porches, or at least I started to decorate them. They were pretty messy from the shows and the fall decor still out there!! Pics to follow!

I finally was able to visit the new booth space in Canton today! It was AMAZING!! Primitive Perfect!! I was so excited that I forgot to take photos inside, only outside. So here it is:

It is going good so far! Hope business keeps up. They are having a Christmas walk this week.