Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Funny, we have been talking about Earth Day all week, I forgot it was today!! The girls and I spent time making Earth day books, even Amelia. We got some great printables off of ABC Teach.com and a couple of other sites.

We planted a bunch of trees last year, so we kinda ran out of room...so no tree planting this year. We did manage to plant a bunch of sunflower seeds for the kids, and some cilantro for mom and dad. Dad also planted some grass seed in our front yard. We have had a huge dirt area that needed covered up our water main break since last fall. Can't wait to see that all greened up.

On our nightly walked, we have Emily trained to point out tin cans on the side of the road. She loves to recycle.

That is what Jack Johnson says...REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE....