Friday, April 25, 2008

I went to Petco, and all I got was this lousy snake bite.......

Yes, poor Anna had an eventful day. She was bit on the finger by a corn snake. (there is no way I am posting a picture of one on here!!!!! You can just google it yourself) Anyway, it was during a homeschool field trip. We don't always attend all of these, and I thought it sounded like fun, it was free, and we were wanting to get out of the house.

She has 5 little puncture marks in the shape of a snake's mouth on her index finger on her left hand. She is doing amazingly well, and she is a tough cookie!! Listen to what Anna has had happen to her in the last WEEK...

Stepped on a nail

got a Tetanus shot

got her ears pierced

got bit by a snake

All of this since last Saturday!! She has not flinched, cried or even been upset about any of these things!! She is a very brave girl!! All she was concerned about today was whether or not she could get a Waffle Cone at Culvers!!!!!!!!! Mom has been more upset about all of this!! She has to be on an antibiotic for a week.

I told her I am going to start calling her POKEY.

How many more holes can a 9 year old take??

PLEASE do your pet buying business at other places....They did not even apologize to us!!