Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break Weekend

We had a blast last weekend. We FINALLY were able to get out of town! We went to Bass Pro Shop in Bolingbrook. Emily picked out a little camo skort (to wear fishing) Daddy bought a new fishing pole, and we found a great pair of jeans for Elaine on clearance for 4.97!!!

We ate lunch at Ted's Montana Grill: everyone loved it but me ( I was having some tummy issues) It was still a neat place and I would not mind going back some time in the future. They played old cowboy music throughout our meal (Ghostrider in the Sky)


The best part of the trip for me was our trip to an outdoor mall that had a Gymboree outlet. I have been desperate trying to find some cute skort outfits and dresses for Emily. I hit the JACKPOT!!! They had the cutest stuff, and almost all of it was on clearance!!! I also had a gift certificate for there, so I save a bunch of money too! Can't beat free clothes!!! This got me even more excited for our BRANSON trip (7 weeks away) because they just opened a GYMBO outlet there last fall. YAY more shopping!! So pretty much any outfit you see on Emily this summer came from the outlet!!

We went to the LARGEST Super WALMART we have ever seen!! It was like 3 super Walmarts in one!! They even gave us a map when we entered the store. Amelia got a new Dora fishing pole there. We also picked up some snacks too. Here is Elaine eating a treat in front of the Walmart:

We ate dinner at FAMOUS DAVES, and boy was it good!! This is another place we visit every year in Branson, and we can't wait to go back. They now have shrimp....yum!!

Our last stop was Cabella's. It is fun to walk around there, but I don't think we bought a thing. They have the best camping department, a huge fish tank, lots of outdoor displays, a hanging hammock swing....the kids had so much fun pretending to cook at the fake campsite.

The kids favorite part was our hotel. The rooms were some of the nicest we have ever stayed at. The pool was the best!! It has a kiddie slide and a 'mushroom' thing that sprinkles water out. I choose to spend my time in the hot tub. I literally could have fallen asleep in there! So Nice!! Can't wait to go back!


We finished out the trip on Saturday by visiting a rock climbing wall for Elaine and Anna, they both climbed about 1/2 way up (pretty good for a first time) It was about 45 feet up too! We went to a school store where I got some neat things for the Periodic Table and info on famous Artists. I got to go to the St. Charles Flea Market too. It was smaller than last year, but I did get a couple of crocks and some wooden flowers to resell and decorate my pots with.

All in all, a great weekend!!

Here are the girls on the hotel cart: