Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break!! well kinda............

NOW, we are officially on Spring Break. We have had a good week so far, but it is hard to not find something to study about, even though we are not doing book work.

ZOO Class was on Wed. and they studied AUSTRALIA. The kids got to make a boomerang, match animals to their continent, visited all of the animals native to Australia: the wallabies, wombats, emus, black swans and the kookaburra birds. They even got to pet a skink! (ewwwwww) They said it felt like a basketball.

See, the natural learning never stops!! (*mommy laughing silently to herself)

I surprised the girls with a trip to the ice rink for 2 hours of skating. The rink sets aside one Wed. afternoon a month to homeschoolers and there were a total of 4 kids there! They made a new friend too, a little girl who has only been homeschooled since Christmas break! Her mom said they absolutely love it!! It was very encouraging to have someone new to homeschooling be so positive! Elaine and Anna got her email address, to add to the long list of email friends. It is so cute, because they don't have trouble meeting new friends at all!
(*mommy very proud!!)

We studied volcanoes last week, and I found a craft home volcano kit to make. I can't wait to blow it up!! Hope it works. I am not sure if we will work on it today (since it is rainy) or wait until next week.