Saturday, June 21, 2008

Branson 2008

We are finally back from our trip. We were gone for 10 days, although it did not feel like it was that long. Guess we had too much fun!!

Here we are at the Mule Trading Post. They had an awesome antique church pew that was 8 feet long for $125.00....If I only had a trailer....

We stopped at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO. The kids were hiding in the camo.

Here is our next major our dreams...

Finally back from our trip. We were gone for 10 days, although it does not feel like that long...guess we had too much fun!!

Here is Amelia lounging on our latest swim toy...a giant lobster raft.
Here is the awesome pool!! Crystal clear and very clean.

Here we are dressed up to go out to dinner, the girls are wearing new shirts from my favorite outlet in Branson: Osh Kosh.

Regular Grandma brought Amelia's birthday present to our hotel room: She got 3 horsie sets and a couple of cute outfits.

This is day one at Silver Dollar City. Elaine was with Grandma that day shopping. It rained off and on all day, so we chanced the weather and walked around by ourselves (without the stroller there for the first time!!)

This is were Daddy belonged this day...LOL

We rode a few rides that day. Here is Amelia's favorite:

Here is Emily posing by the brook.

While the rest rode the Balloon Ride:

Here is another favorite: The Antique Carousel. We must have rode it about 12 times...

We actually got Amelia on the Lost River ride. She LOVED it!!!

I stayed dry with Carrie and Matthew.

We played golf at the Dinosaur Golf Course this year, it is brand new.
It reminded me of the Flintstones...

We also visited the TITANIC it was really interesting. (another thing to study when we get home)

Here are some pics of the condo:

Emily had to drink milk out of a "Princess Cup"

Here is SDC day with friends:

There was a little one room school house too! Gotta love the antiques in there...

This one if for Pa Pa....the Real working Post Office inside Silver Dollar City.

The girls at the waterfall. You can walk underneath it. It is cool, but smells weird.. :)

Here is where Pa Pa can work: the woodshop at SDC, making walking sticks.

Emily wanted to get her face painted:

Here is Wes, Anna, Eric and Julie on the Giant Barn Swing Ride:

Here is Amelia with Kiley on all of the rides:

Kelsey rode with Elaine and Anna on the bigger rides too:

The swingin' bridge: