Friday, June 6, 2008


Amelia: This is your life :)

Don't I look happy? It was D-Day, and we watched the History Channel for 15 hours:

Here she is!! Amelia Rose

Cute little shoulder!!

Aunt Carrie on a break from work:

Elaine had lost some teeth!!

Here she is at Mackinaw Lake: 2 weeks old.
We left for Branson that same weekend.

Her foot was ALWAYS sticking out of her jammies!!

Here she is during a trip home from Tennessee...that was a LOOOOONG trip!!

Gotta love that hair!! Here she is with Regular Grandma.
Asleep at Silver Dollar City...One Year Old!!

With Grandma's Puppies:

Here she is at Christmas: She had a cold that day.

Movie Star!! (posing for me)

Our little Cowgirl's first horsie ride:

Asleep on the beach in Florida.

Tasting the water...icky!!
Asleep again!! The beach wears out little girls!!

Here is Easter Thyme!!

Ready for Texas....Remember the Alamo??

Here they are at Granny and PaPa's house: Eating Sugar!!

Here she is 4 YEAR OLD!!!

"The most beautifullest horse in the world."