Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sew, Cook, Clean, Sew, Cook, Clean...

I hear all of the time, how do you find time to do everything?? One easy way for me to keep on top of the school, business, and house is to organize the cooking.

I spent Saturday morning making and freezing meals for the rest of the week. Now I usually do this during the school year, but I started up a bit early to make my craft show prepartion a bit smoother. Nothing is more frustrating than being in a creative mood, then having to stop and try to come up with something for dinner at the last minute. Last summer we lived on sandwiches, which Wes and the kids loved, but I hated!! ( not a fan of sandwiches ) I really missed a nice home cooked meal at night, so this summer, we are doing things differently.

Here is what I prepared by lunch time on Saturday:

2 pots of chilli
2 spaghetti casseroles
1 large chicken n stuffing casserole
1 large green bean n chicken casserole
1 small chicken n rice casserole

So, for the rest of the week, it will be super easy to have a nice dinner. Now I don't want a heavy meal EVERY night of the week, but this way, things are ready and saves alot of time!!

Here is our meal list:

Mon--sandwich and salad night
Tues--spag. casserole---we ate the whole thing!!
Wed--breakfast for supper--a Green Family favorite
Thurs--chicky casserole

***I just posted a new RECIPE blog with all of our recipes for friends and family if you are interested in looking***

Just click the link at the top of the page!! Enjoy!!