Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fort Wayne

We just got back (literally an hour ago) from our first Primitive Wholesale Tradeshow in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a fun and fast trip (left yesterday at noon, home at 8 tonight...) It was totally worth it!!

Our hotel was great, we loved the area and the weather could not have been better. I met some super nice people and everyone at the show was very helpful. We went to investigate the possiblility of attending a show to sell, and I see it sometime in our future!! ( Lord willing )

Wes dropped me off at the convention center, and took the kids to the Botanical Conservatory. (see, even on a trip they have school) :)

They had alot of fun and Elaine was in charge of taking photos:

*As I am typing this, Emily asked to go back to the conservatory!!

For the two of you out there who care about primitives, here are my goodies from the show. Some are for me to keep, the rest are all heading to the booths:

I had to get this sign, it has Wes' birthdate on it.
Here are my new towels...
This guy was really nice, he has signs, signs and more signs....super cheap!!
I met a couple from Farina, IL who have EXTREME primitives. This is a pantry cupboard that is one of a kind...
They have lots of dolls and cats made from vintage materials (like me!!!)
These kitties are just too cute!! Gotta love the pumpkins...
Here are some more signs:
I love these little signs. I spent the most time in his booth. He had about 300 signs to choose from. I kid you not...

Cute and cheap snowmen ornies:
Bad picture, but adorable lighted houses. This guy was super nice too, and lives in Peru Indiana. We drove right by his shop on the way to a quick bathroom break for kids and a chicken sandwich break for mommy. The road sign read Mexico to the left, Peru to the right....too funny!!
He also had snowmen,
And Jacks too!!
I also got some more smaller signs...I guess this was the biggest seller. They had lots of dolls and prims which were nice. The furniture was overpriced, but neat to see. Over half of the vendors were import/China crafts, so I enjoyed the handmade items the best.
The funniest thing of all, is that none of them had websites!! Hard to figure, since most of my business is off the computer.