Monday, September 22, 2008


Boy am I tired tonight.

Started out the day with school, dishes, baked 2oo ( yes, 200, you read that right ) homespun candy canes and made 50 Americana Flags for the booth. I then made 3 more pumpkin dolls, all stitched by hand. I painted, stenciled and sanded 3 fall signs too.

I managed a quick nap after lunch....then we left for errands.

Next we stocked the Washington booth. It is ready for Fall, and I am refusing to make any more pumpkins!

I made a huge pile to take to our Canton booth tomorrow...I am stressed trying to figure out how to make a half Fall/half Christmas booth work...I really don't want to make a sled in September!!

As I cooked dinner, I baked 8 loaves of bread tonight, and made two large pots of Potato Soup...all from scratch.

Did two different sink fulls of dishes.

Oh, and Emily had a dentist appointment. YAY !!! No cavities!!

I am falling asleep as I write this :) off to bed at 9:00. Early for me, as I have been staying up until midnight lately...not tonight!!