Friday, October 24, 2008


Wow, what a week...We had a great time last Saturday at our first show of the season. Elaine was my little helper and we had so much fun together.

Here is our cat SCRAPS helping me set up our 'practice booth' at home:

Here is Elaine's treat she bought from the bake sale. The cone had treats and candy inside...very cute idea. Here I am! Waiting to start...

My helper: She counted out all of the change. Here is our goodies. Half Halloween/Half Christmas stuff

We sold our sled:

The best part of all: when I picked up change from the bank, they gave me an ENTIRE roll of BRAND NEW ALASKA quarters. I have never seen a brand new roll of quarters before...and of course we needed Alaska for our quarter map that we collect.
They were amazing...actually sharp around the edges!!!

At the show, these were even popular. Customers exchanged dollars for them!!

We are setting up for our second (and smallest) show of the season later today. It has been a super busy week with our meeting at church this week too! The meeting has been great, excellent lessons. My head has not been good this week at all, I have been having major flare most of the week has been spent sitting, resting and sewing. Amelia has a cold too.
School has taken to the back burner. We had our normal school days on Mon and Tues, and they were not good. We gave up book work on Wed and Thurs and I just had the girls read, do art and computer work. Today was back to normal, with some book work in the morning. I am feeling better today (so far, hopefully it will stick). Meeting weeks are just hard on us. The late bedtimes are the worst part of it all. Here's hoping to a better next week!!
Wait...of course it will be better! We have Halloween and a Birthday Party to get ready for