Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here are Elaine and Cadence watching the wedding:

Here was our view of the ceremony:

Emily and Hannah:

I love how the sunlight hit this pretty:

The girls started gathering up all of the rose petals after the ceremony:
Here we are in that gorgeous outdoor setting: Here is Barrett during the ceremony...gotta love that face!! Emily posing:

I lined up all of the kids when I realized how old everyone was: They are in order:
5,6,7,8,9,10, cute is that??
Here is Abby, she looked like such an angel when she dropped the petals going down the aisle. After all of the kids picked them up and put them back in her basket, I thought of having her toss them with the trees as a background. I love these shots!!!

Best Cousins:
Here is Remy, guess he was tired of all of the pictures: heehee

Here is all of the family: We look good!

At the reception: the horse was getting married;

The cake looked amazing!!
Hannah and Emily:

Little Isela...looking so cute!!