Saturday, October 4, 2008


Ahh, my favorite weekend of the year has come and gone again. Elaine was my buddy this year, we came home with a full van and a full tummy.

We found this old screen, along with a great wool blanket and a red quilt....Now I am ready to make some stockings!!

Now here is another quilt: this one cost $3.00

I found a great pair of 6 feet long green shutters.

I got a great deal on this old sled and shovel for the holiday shows:

I finally found a piggy cutting board that DID NOT cost $35.00!!!

I love old vintage ticking....I found red and blue this year!!!

This old cabinet cost a whopping 5 bucks....needs a bit of work, but what a chippy paint find!!
I also got a great antique table from our favorite junk guys. They even loaded it for me. It is going to the booth too!!

Elaine and I shared a lemonade, a couple of walking tacos, and the best tenderloin we have ever had!! Can't believe it is another year before we can go again!! :(