Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We bumped up our annual get away to the weekend before my birthday. We dropped the kids off at my mom's and headed north to Chicago!

We did not have any specific plans, other than to visit a few of our favorite shoppes up North (Bass Pro, Gymboree Outlet, Cabela's and Potbelly) and as we drove in downtown, we decided to stop in at Navy Pier. The weather was perfect for walking around outside: and this is what we found to do:


Yes, we found the Billy Goat Tavern and Grill made famous from that Saturday Night Live sketch years ago:

We had no fries, chips.
It was such a fun place to eat, it was like we were in that sketch!! Too funny.

Here is the link for the video: The guys working there actually sound like this!!

We took a cruise on the lake in an open deck boat.

Then we rode the ferris wheel. No I don't like ferris wheel rides, but this one had stationary cars that did not rock and move much. I rode it and survived. I told Wes that this was the first and last time he would see me on one.

Oh, I forgot to mention the other food we had:popcorn, lemonade and fried dough...yum yum

After such a fun and beautiful time at the Pier we headed to Evanston and visited Wes' friend Barb who just had surgery at the hospital. Please pray for her, she had a rough time with her surgery.

After that we headed to our hotel, and a late dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had some of the best food of my entire life!! I had the veggie ones, Wes at the meat ones :) Now I have a thing for dipping sauces, and this platter came with 7 different ones!! Drool...

FACTORY APPETIZER FAVORITES Serves Four or More! A Combination of Our Favorite Appetizers including: Avocado Eggrolls, Spinach and Cheese Dip, Pot Stickers, Summer Rolls, Quesadilla, Corn Cakes, Buffalo Blasts and Calamari

The next day we went to the Geneva and walked to a few old shoppes and the Fox River. There is a b and b there that we wanted to stay in, but the rooms are $300 per we were happy just visiting the grounds :)

We went to a Fresh Market in ST. Charles and bought some yummy Olive oil and crusty breads. That was the prettiest grocery store we have ever seen! I told Wes that I could totally be a freegan with this store!! I know that they throw away alot more than they could sell of the fresh veggies and fruit.

We visited Aurora Mills (outlet mall) and then the Kane County Folk Art Festival. They had very nice (but expensive) crafty/folk art goodies, so I only got a couple of things:

A needle felted wool horsie for Amelia.
A wool lambie for me, and a folk art cat.

We got the kiddos back and they had a blast at Grandma's house. She has new baby chicks. lambs and dogs and cats for the kids to play with. They also got to gather eggs, and feed the chickens. They all spent the night in her camper. The next day they all went to Natalie's birthday party and came home with big purple mylar balloons and a box of movie they had a very fun weekend too!!

So that was our great weekend, and it wasn't even my birthday yet!! We went out for lunch on Sunday to Chili's, then a quick visit to Illinois Antique Center...followed by a nice nap. Wes took off Monday and we worked around the house, finished trim paint, cleaned out the basement. I sorted holiday goodies for the rained most of the day, and I love the rain, it totally inspires me!!!

Tuesday night I went out with the girlfriends to Olive Garden...yum yum...then some shopping at Grand Prairie. It was a very fun time. So far being 35 isn't so bad :) Much better than I thought it would be!!!