Wednesday, October 15, 2008


There was just too much fun to put it all in one post. Here are the pictures from our St. Charles adventure.

Here is the Louis and Clark Museum we visited in St. Charles. The building was so neat, built from beams and bricks and it was right on the Missouri River.

There were men that re-created the Louis and Clark trip in this actual canoe!!
These were boats that they used for hauling supplies down the river. They were built to scale to mimic the actual boats used during their trip.
The girls had homework!!
Here they are searching for clues: I loved this lady...she put the girls to animal scavenger hunt while in the museum. (hee hee school on vacation!!!)
I cannot believe they left so late in the day...

Here we are in downtown ST. Charles. The buildings were AMAZING and primitive...
Ahh, the hotel. Here is where we stayed for our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Beautiful place and my new favorite hotel chain. They have a lending library, so the kids got to read books and play checkers while we relaxed.
Downtown St. Charles, The girls and Daddy were eating ice cream, I got popcorn and a snowcone :)

This picture was so cute, I put it in twice :)