Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I actually felt like being up today for a bit. Well, actually I needed to fill some ebay orders, easy stuff, no lifting or bending required...and I am soo sick of laying in bed.

Almost daily emails are keeping me sane. Thanks friends!! Keep 'em coming. We are getting out of the house tomorrow for my first Dr. appt., and I am a bit worried about being up and active for that long. Today was a good measure of how I will probably feel after being up and slightly active.

My belly continues to look awful. Lots of bruising still coming. I was trying to taper off the pain meds, but had to double up today :(

Here is my emails for the past few days. Gives you an idea of what we have been going through.
I need a nap in the worst way, but my neck hurts so much today, I cannot rest like I need to.

Off to bed now!

On Feb 16, 2009, at 6:34 PM, Melissa Green wrote:

I heard back from the dr today, he said if I am not feeling better tomorrow, that I should probably come in and see him earlier than my thursday appt. I tried to get up and put some dishes away while I was getting a refill on water...and I picked up a stack of bowls...not many, just like 6 bowls all stacked together, so they don't weigh much, but OH MAN something pulled inside and I told myself that I was not going to do that again. I guess dr. gibson was right when he said not to do anything...

I had Wes making soap today for an ebay order...haha He did a good job too, I just thought it was cute that he is being the mommy, even down to filling my soap orders.

Wes is headed back to work tomorrow and Jim and Judy are coming over in the morning to help with thekids. They loved it when Pa Pa was their "teacher" the other day. If I have another bad morning, I would not want the kids downstairs by themselves all day. They are good, but they are still kids :)

Wes just ran them to Jill's house for haircuts. Anna got a hairbrush stuck in her hair the other day and they had to cut it out. So now she has some bangs:) it is cute
Well, they are home now. It gets lonely here all by myself. They were at Jill's for 4 hours. I took a bath and rested. Thank goodness for email, it is keeping my mind off my belly.

On Feb 16, 2009, at 2:58 PM, Melissa Green wrote:

Well I am up for the first time all day (2pm) I have been in alot more pain lower down there today. I did not wake up last night so I missed one dose of pain meds, and boy am I paying for it now. My lt shoulder is killing me too...I must still have some gas in there. I can feel it shift when I lay on my side...well at least I can lay on my side now. I couldn't a couple of days ago.

Keep me posted with what is going on with everyone. I don't want to be left out of the loop. Sometimes my dear hubby forgets to tell me when people at church are sick n stuff. Did you hear any more about Bill sr??

Kelly brought us food today, and I just cannot eat anything. I am trying to force fluids and found this great V8 juicewith acai berries, so I am getting at least 2 servings of fruit and veggies a day. I guess all of my summer pants should fit really well now :) I am anxious to see how much weight I lose from all of this.

talk soon

Wes is taking his laptop back to work with him tomorrow, so I may not be online then

On Feb 15, 2009, at 10:43 PM, Melissa Green wrote:

Thanks for thinking of me. I am sitting up with Wes' laptop...having trouble sleeping.My mom brought us food today, although I am not eating much. Dr Gibson did not want me doing ANYTHING until I see him later this week. We forgot to ask him about the recovery time. I guess I thought it would be the same as a scope, but my mom is thinking it may be 2 weeks or more. I am not sure when I can drive either.

I'm calling him in the morning to ask him some ??
Looks like you had fun at the valentine dinner. I told Wes that he would have to take me and do those same things when I feel better. Then I joked and said that we should have had our own slideshow from Friday night. It would have been pictures of me laying in bed with a huge distended tummy, me leaning over a puke bucket, then Wes sleeping in a chair in my hospital room, fully dressed. HAHA

Actually I loved Andrew's picture the best. I felt bad for Tabitha too.

Is anyone else sick? Just wondering.
Hope to talk more soon!


On Feb 15, 2009, at 5:53 PM, Melissa Green wrote:

I *think* I am feeling some better. The surgery was a success in the fact that the painful ovary and cyst are removed. They did a laparotomy, which is different from the scope I had last time. I have a 3-4 ich incision "down there" hee hee

I had an awful time immediately after the surgery. They could not control my pain. I remembered today that they had to call back the anesthesiologist who knocked me out again while in the recovery room. When I awoke still in pain the second time, I heard the nurse say " I have given her enough drugs to kill a small horse" and they would not give me anymore until I got into my room. I was still in extreme pain, but I was not asking for more meds...(I was just moaning so loud I was bothering other patients) The floor nurses were alot more understanding than the recovery room nurses, and they gave me some medication that worked. We decided to just try to come home, I could hurt in my own bed.

I have had alot of pain with the gas this time and the pain meds don't seem to work on this kind of intestinal pain associated with the surgery My belly is so swollen and distended, I look like I am 5 months pregnant. I have been dealing with the pain all night and day today.

We have the kids home now and they are such good helpers for us. Wes is off work tomorrow too, so hopefully I will wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

Please remember us in your prayers