Thursday, February 26, 2009

Surgery Update

Well I FINALLY started feeling good again. Tuesday, we got up, worked on school and I went to take a shower. When I was drying off, I rubbed the towel against my belly and a huge amount of blood shot out and across the room from my incision!! I screamed for Elaine to run and get the phone and called my dr. Of course they wanted me in asap. So there I was standing naked, dripping wet, holding pressure on my incision (I was not sure if the bleeding was going to stop or not...)

Luckily about 5 minutes before this happened, Wes called and was on his way home for lunch. I yelled for the girls to get dressed asap. I managed to get dressed one handed and we left as soon as Wes walked in the door. Thankfully Granny and PaPa were able to meet us at the church building, so we dropped off the kids and got right into the dr. He said it was a seroma, a lovely fluid collection left over from surgery, and once it exploded, it would be done. He stitched me up with some steri strips and sent us home.

Having that thing in my tummy certainly explains why I felt so sick and had so much pain and a fever over the weekend. I have been on an antibiotic since Friday, so that should help cover any infections.

So now it is frustrating to finally feel good, only to have something like this happen...And I know some are thinking that I "did too much" which is not the case. I sat on the computer for most of the morning :)

Thanks to all who have fed us this past week, the meals have certainly helped out ALOT!!! I have a hard time accepting help from people, but when it is needed, it is needed, and boy did we need help this past week!!

Needless to say, I will not be up for Ladies Getaway. Elaine is slightly bummed, but we will hope for next year. Have a fun time and a safe journey, and Jonna: be sure to eat a chick fil A sandwich for me :)

Love you all!!