Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally Recovered....I Think :)

I have been feeling like my 'normal' self this past week. I have been driving more, and able to do a bit more around the house. I think forcing myself last week to go to co-op, a visitation, and a bridal shower all in the same day was good medicine for me. Of course I paid for it on Saturday...boy o boy was I tired.

Discovering water in our basement gave me some much needed exercise. We had to carry EVERY box of clothes, costumes, shoes and seasonal craft items up to the family room. Wes and the big girls did most of the heavy lifting, so I would not pull something open from my incision. The basement is such a mess...who knows how long it will take to dry out.

I took the opportunity to swap out all 4 closets (quite a job). I started with my closet, then the girls (Elaine and Anna share a closet in their room). Of course they all want to wear their sleeveless tops and capris. Today has been the parade of outfits up and down the stairs when I told them they had to "go and change (again)...and it is only 30 degrees outside!!!" It is funny and fun to see them get so excited about outfits they have not seen for 6 months. I am thrilled that so much still fits!!!

I have been keeping busy with cooking again (it was sure nice to have a break) I made 3 meals yesterday, to eat on for the week, then Elaine made brownies.

I noticed today that my daffodils are starting to peek thru!! Can't wait for warmer weather.