Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elaine the ~Published Writer~

Elaine has been working on an article for our library's OUR COMMUNITY BOOK program, and the book is finally done!! The library held the release party last night and we were able to get 6 copies of the book. The book looks so professional, and all of the kids involved worked really hard!! It was nice to see three other homeschooled kids involved too! (all of the other kids were from different schools around town) Our scanner is not working, otherwise I would post her pages here...

All of the kids had to interview people from Chillicothe. Business owners, police officers, people who run their own business, the director of Pearce Community Center, a bank manager, the owner of McDonalds, and the Mayor. Elaine interviewed Mary Latta, owner of the local video store. She was also able to meet the Police Officer in town that has the police dog. (Maria our neighbor interviewed him and Elaine tagged along) It was fun and interesting!!!

Elaine got to stand in front of the big group and get her picture taken for the newspaper here in town. The rest of the girls clapped and ate cookies!!